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Vision Therapy in Oradell

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Vision therapy consists of a customized and programmed set of procedures and activities designed to eliminate visual functional and developmental or cognitive deficits that effect learning (kids), visual efficiency (older kids and adults) and rehabilitation (TBI/stroke/concussion).

Vision Therapy in Kids

Vision is a complex process that develops as the infant/child grows and interacts with his or her environment. Over time, vision becomes the dominant sense with which we rely on and studies indicate that as much as 70% of the millions of our brain's connections involve vision. This intricate and sensitive developmental process produces the substrate for learning by integrating with all other sense modalities and other areas in the brain. Vision Development relies, in part, on healthy eyes and clear eye sight but is dependent on the appropriateness of the aforementioned brain connections and processes. These associations direct the use of the two eyes together as a team, the ability to focus appropriately, the ability to fixate on a particular stimulus and to switch attention between stimuli using appropriate eye movements as well as the ability to analyze and understand what is seen and to direct action based on this information.

Each person is unique and kids who suffer with learning challenges often manifest deficiencies in one or more of these areas.

Does your child suffer with learning challenges? Schedule your child's Vision Therapy evaluation today!

A full Vision Therapy evaluation consists of assessment in all of the above areas and identification of any and all areas of concern. A treatment plan is generated to remediate any deficiencies. A typical Vision Therapy program is four to six months in length and consists of a combination of “in-office” procedures as well as home activities which increase in complexity as therapy progresses. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of children over the years and have made significant changes in their abilities to progress academically. Please see our testimonial page for personal experiences.

Vision Therapy for Adults with Computer Vision Syndrome

Have you always had to work harder than others to complete assignments at school or work? Do you suffer with blurred vision, double vision, eye strain or headaches not relieved by glasses? Have your symptoms first appeared or gotten significantly worse with the increased level of work on the computer? These are all signs that Vision Therapy may make a remarkable difference in your day-to- day life. Talk to our doctors at your yearly examination or make an appointment today. Help is a phone call away.

Vision Therapy for Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Have you or your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) including concussion, stroke or the consequences of a brain tumor or surgery? While TBIs may heal without visual concerns, it is common that residual visual finding or concerns persist. This is due to the disruption of some of the brain's millions of connections, 70 percent of which involve vision in some manner. Some patients suffer with dizziness, balance problems, double vision, loss of side vision or simply an inability to concentrate on close work or focus on a computer without severe eye strain and headaches. This can make school work or job efficiency impossible. There is help available in the form of prism glasses and therapy! Call our office to schedule your Vision Therapy appointment today.