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Optometry Patient Reviews

At Riverdell Vision we value our patients and their opinions above all else. That's why we are so proud of all the great reviews we have received throughout the years. Below you can find just a small sample of what the community has to say about us.

Timothy's results after Vision Therapy were amazing. He no longer has double vision and his reading has improved greatly and he is doing better on his tests. Thanks to Dr. Meyer for catching this early and doing the exams to detect Convergence Insufficiency.

Carley's vision was 20/100 (Amblyopia). After therapy her vision improved to 20/25. She no longer has fuzzy vision and she finds schoolwork much easier.

Akiva no longer sees double and is able to read fluently without losing his place. He now has much confidence and self esteem in the classroom and at home.

Evan no longer covers one eye when reading nor does he skip words when reading out loud. His eye tracking hs improved. Dr. Meyer and the therapists truly care about their patients.

Arielle improved 3 reading levels by the end of the school year. There is a great improvement in reading as well as his confidence.

Steven's migraines have decreased significantly and he went up 2 reading levels in school. Vision Therapy has improved his self confidence.

Joseph was recommended for surgery for Convergence Insufficiency. He is now able to read hour after hour without any eye strain or discomfort. Our Ophthalmologist said there is no longer a need for surgery. Thank you Dr. Meyer and team.

Ryan has made major strides in his reading levels and acadmeics. My average student is now leading the pack. I highly recommend discussing vision challenges with Dr. Meyers.

Alysha has become a straight A student. She is on the honor roll and Principal's list. I would like to recommend Vision Therapy to all who need it. It works.

Sarah has had severe Strabismus and was recommended to an Ophthalmologic Surgeon. After Vision Therapy, Sarah did not need surgery and her double vision was gone. We could not be happier with her results.

Sage now asks if she can read for long periods. Her headaches have improved. Therapy has made a very stressful part of our lives easier by giving Sage the tools to improve her life.

Samantha struggled in school and almost never passed a test. Now she gets A's and B's. She is getting these grades without a tutor. She is doing it all on her own. We couldn't be prouder.

Ricardo was 4 grade levels behind in reading. He has currently passed the State HESPA's and SAT's. He has made the National Honor Society. Vision Therapy has significantly changed his life for the better. He is now preparing for College.

Joseph had many difficulties in school. After therapy, the child study team described his improvement as 'remarkable'. Reading increased 3 grade levels. Reading speed and comprehension improved as well. His grades went from C's to A's. Next year he will be in regular classes and has achieved grade level in all subjects. I directly attribute this improvement to the Vision Therapy Program.

By the time Rex was done with his vision therapy, there was huge growth, improvement and confidence overall with his writing skills in both print and script, he developed confidence in his ability to alternate seemlessly from reading to writing quickly and back again (chalkboard to desk), his grades improved across all subjects and he loves to learn in school again!

Since finishing therapy, things such as reading, doing homework and playing sports have become easier. My grades have improved and I feel much more confident in the work I do. Completing vision therapy has given me the ability to see things I have never seen before, such as 3D. I am extremely pleased with the progress that I have made.

Right away we saw signs of improvement and Derek wanted to do the vision therapy knowing that it would improve his vision... Couldn't be happier with the results.

After and during vision therapy Joseph's reading level jumped two letters in two months. His grades have improved in spelling and math. He does not need help doing his homework and has shown improvement in all subjects.

The vision therapy was not demanding, but it did require commitment, and my son was a champ. Dr. Meyer and Elise were amazing with him... I couldn't have been more please with the treatment, or more proud of my son. In the years since his therapy, his life was completely turned around. His handwriting improved exponentially, without any drills or practice... It's hard not to go on and on about how much vision therapy helped my son. I can't imagine what he will achieve next, but I know vision therapy will have played an intgeral pat in all his future successes.

After 20 weeks of vision therapy my son's reading comfort level improved dramatically... They described my son's reading improvement as 'remarkable'. His reading level increased three levels, his reading speed increased and his comprehension improved. All of his grades in multiple subjects went from C's to A's... I directly attribute this improvement to the vision therapy which made it more comfortable for my son to read.

Dr. Meyer has helped me with my vision since my problem was discovered. Many people have the same problem of convergence insufficiency, where the eyes coordinate so well, they show two images but eventually their vision is ruined.

Before I visited Dr. Meyer, I often saw doubles, which also caused blurriness. We all thought I needed glasses and that I had bad vision. However, after seeing the local doctor , we saw that I had almost perfect vision. Fortunately, the doctor figured out my real problem and recommended Dr. Meyer. We soon started vision therapy sessions at the office and eventually acquired a system for home.

Often I got frustrated at the office when I couldn't do what I was supposed to do, but my therapist assisted me through and through. When Dr. Meyer evaluated me after a few sessions he saw that I was definitely making progress. When I finished the therapy a few weeks later, my vision was almost perfect. And so far, the problem has never showed up again. The entire staff at the office really helped me out. My therapist encouraged me all the time, and when things got difficult, she was very considerate. I am very thankful for everyone who has helped me out.