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Binocular Vision Impairments

  • All About Strabismus, Lazy Eye, Crossed-Eyes, Double Vision, etc.
    Most comprehensive patient education web site on Strabismus on the internet – includes an article by an expert eye doctor covering the most frequently asked questions about crossed eyes, eye turns, etc.
  • What is Lazy Eye?
    Lazy eye is not the same as strabismus (a crossed eye or an eye turn). Read this very easy-to-understand explanation.
  • Children’s Vision, Pediatric Vision Care
    A large web site with many pages of easy-to-understand information on lazy eye, crossed-eyes, strabismus, developmental delays, eye muscle surgery, dyslexia, binocular vision impairments, and much more.
  • Eye Muscle Surgery or Lazy Eye Surgery
    Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding eye muscle surgery as a treatment for lazy eye, crossed eyes, etc. This type of surgery is frequently done, but often does not give satisfactory results.

3D Stereo Vision

General Resources

Optometric Organizations

  • Optometrists Network
    A national network of optometrists.
  • COVD — The College of Optometrists in Vision Development
    An international professional organization which grants board certification in Vision Therapy to optometrists.
  • OEP — Optometric Extension Program Foundation
    Serving the educational needs of optometrists.
  • NORA — Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International, Inc.
    An organization which provides direction for the visual rehabilitation of persons who have physical disabilities and/or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).