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Autumn and your eyes: A guide to protecting your vision

September 28, 2023

Autumn is the favorite time of year for so many of us. And why not? The air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and of course it’s time for apples and pumpkins! It’s also a season that brings changes to the sunlight and other factors that can affect our vision. That’s why autumn is the perfect time to schedule a visit to the doctor of optometry at Riverdel Vision to make sure you’ll be enjoying all the splendors of this colorful season.

If you’re in the habit of packing away your sunglasses once summer ends, think again! The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can pose health risks to your eyes and skin, are still present in the fall. Our optometrist can provide guidance on selecting sunglasses for your particular vision needs that will offer 100% protection from all UV light.

The colder weather means we’re spending more time indoors and turning on the heat. This can lead to dry air that leaves our eyes feeling irritated and gritty. Talk to our optometrist about how to avoid Dry Eye Syndrome by keeping our eyes properly lubricated. Hint: There’s more to it than simply using eye drops!

Although we typically think of spring and summer as the prime allergy seasons, autumn carries its own set of challenges. With our doors and windows closed, allergens from dust mites and pet fur can build up, triggering reactions like red and itchy eyes. Consider ventilating your home, especially the bedrooms, for a short period each day — even when the temperatures drop. And ask us about which eye drops or other medications provide the most relief for what’s causing your allergic reaction. 

The optometrist at Riverdel Vision wants to help protect the health of your vision year-round, especially during this colorful season. Make a comprehensive eye exam part of your autumn to-do list by scheduling an appointment today!