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Visual Field Exams in Oradell

Assessing the quality of central and peripheral vision requires a test known as a visual field evaluation. By performing a periodic visual field evaluation as part of a routine exam, the eye doctor is able to detect the development of blind spots and visual field defects as well as get an overall picture of the quality of a patient's central or peripheral vision. Visual field testing facilitates an assessment of the ocular damage caused by glaucoma, retinal disease, optic neuropathy, brain tumors and stroke along with other conditions affecting the eye, optic nerve, or vision-related structures in the brain. In the presence of eye disease or a suspected issue, more comprehensive and sensitive visual field testing is often ordered. In this way, the exact extent of damage and the associated central and peripheral vision loss can be more accurately determined. More frequent exam visits, including visual field testing to monitor the progression of the disease or the response to treatment, may also be indicated.