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See the World Clearly Through Contacts

February 28, 2024

About 45 million American adults wear contact lenses; 93 percent of them choose soft contacts over hard contacts. Everyone who wears these popular vision aids needs to know how to handle them correctly. Proper implementation is crucial to your eye health. 

Whether you need a routine eye exam, prescription eyewear, contact lenses or management of ocular conditions, Riverdel Vision offers a full spectrum of eye care services. Our goal is to be your one-stop destination for all your vision needs. These words of advice will benefit you and your lenses. 

Insertion: So you don’t confuse the right and left lenses, start with the same eye each time. Use the index finger on your dominant hand to remove the lens from its package or case and slide it into the palm of your other hand. Lubricate it with the solution recommended by your optometrist.

Removal: Wash your hands with a mild soap and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Pull down your lower lid. Look up or to the side and gently slide your lens to the white area of your eye. Use your thumb and index finger to gingerly pinch the lens and slowly lift it from your eye. 

Making the case for your case: Clean your lens case as thoroughly as you clean your lenses. Rinse it every night with a disinfecting solution, wipe it with a tissue and let it air dry. Replace your case every three months.

Discomfort during use: If it feels like a speck of dirt or dust is on or under a lens, take it out and rinse it with rewetting drops and reinsert it. If it remains uncomfortable, take it out again and wait a few hours. If it’s still uncomfortable, see an optometrist. 

Make the right choice for your eye health by choosing Riverdel Vision. Schedule your eye exam today, and let us be your partners in preserving and enhancing your precious sense of sight. Please call us to make an appointment!